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Safeguarding the Holm Oak

By September 18, 2023No Comments

St David’s Cathedral is home to a beautiful and significant evergreen tree, a Quercus ilex.

This tree is listed on the National Trust’s Significant Tree Register and the page states ‘The Holm Oak at the corner of Murray and Macquarie Streets is an important element in what is considered to be the finest colonial intersection in Australia’.

What is even more interesting about this tree is that it is speculated to have been grown from an acorn or small sapling collected from Gallipoli after 1915, in commemoration of those who fought in WW1.

Sadly, the tree has been in decline for some years now, although much work has been done to ensure its continued health and survival. In anticipation of any potential further decline, the City of Hobart nursery staff have taken steps to ensure the continuation of this tree’s genealogy.

Several years ago, acorns were gathered from around the roots of the tree. One of these acorns managed to germinate back in June of 2020 and is now growing strong in anticipation of the day when it may need to step into its mother’s shoes. There are now also several younger ones that have only just started to grow and are only a few inches high.

It’s a wonderful legacy to continue for future generations.

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