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Restoring the historic avenue

By June 22, 2023June 30th, 2023No Comments

Late last year, the final tree in a commemorative avenue was planted at the Queens Walk Oval in New Town to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee.

15 Chinese Elm trees have been replanted in this area and will restore a lost avenue of trees planted more than a century earlier for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth’s great-great grandmother.

The elm trees were chosen because of their suitability to Hobart’s predicted climate future. Like the plane trees they replace the elms are deciduous and show off a beautiful yellow leaf in autumn. This project was jointly funded through the City of Hobart and the Australian Government’s Planting Trees for The Queen’s Jubilee Program.


Picture: The team who put in the 15 Chinese elm trees to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.
Picture: The final tree in the avenue is planted by Ruby Wilson.


Picture: Queens Walk in the 1960s, with some of the trees from the original commemorative avenue.