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Leaving a legacy

By June 22, 2023June 30th, 2023No Comments

Staff from our Arboriculture & Nursery team have planted trees around the Lansdowne Crescent Primary School sports oval with the help of grade 6 students, back in November last year. The students helped to plant a row of advanced (2 m) trees that will provide shade and canopy for future generations to enjoy.

The students were soon to finish for the year – and in doing so will leave their primary school days behind. This planting gives them an opportunity to leave a legacy for the future – a gift to provide shade, beauty and cooling for future students and the broader community, as well as something to come back to and remember in future years.

As detailed in the City’s Street Tree Strategy, trees confer many environmental, social and economic benefits to the community. Trees play a significant role in enhancing physical and mental health as well as cooling local areas – a factor that will become increasingly important with the changing climate and the urban heat island effect.

Picture: A student from Lansdowne Crescent Primary School learns about planting advanced trees.
Picture: All hands on deck as the soil around the new tree is added back in.