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A new white gum for the rivulet

We couldn’t have hoped for a more enthusiastic bunch of tree planters than the kids from South Hobart Primary School.

These children helped us plant a strapping young white gum on the banks of the Hobart Rivulet, just upstream from the school grounds.

White gums are important habitat trees in many parts of Tasmania, and down on the rivulet this specimen could grow up to 40 metres tall.

Its roots will help stabilise the stream bank and its growing limbs and spreading leaves will shade the rivulet in summer, keeping water temperatures down for platypus and other aquatic wildlife.

The white gum will also produce plenty of “lerps and manna”, sugary treats that provide food for birds and insects.

We hope that over time this will become a very special tree for the children that helped plant it, and for the local school.

And some time down the track these kids might take their own children to play on the banks of the rivulet beneath the shade of this beautiful tree.

A big thank you to the teachers and the City of Hobart Bushcare program for making this planting happen.